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Aching Foot

Aches and Pains of the Foot

A deformation of the big toe joint. Often, the big toe will drift over to the smaller toes.
A deformation of the small toe joint of the foot.
This condition is found in the four smaller toes. The middle toe joint pops up and the tip of the toe is now in contact with the ground.. It is common for a callus to form on the joint bump due to friction.
Several layers of hardened skin that may go as deep as the bone. A corn found between the toes is called a soft corn.
Planter Fasciitis
Small tears or strains which occur in the arch ligament.
Heel Spur
Bony protrusions from the front of the heel occurring were the arch ligament attaches to the foot.
A disease of the nerves that may cause sensation or muscle loss,
Or nerve malfunction.
Foot Ulcer
A sore that can lead to the breakdown of tissue and becomes infected. b
High Arch
A minimal amount of the side of the foot comes in contact with the ground. This type of foot can put additional stress at the heel and ball of the foot.
Flat Feet
Most or the entire bottom of the foot comes in contact with the ground.
An extreme collapse of the ligaments and tendons due to a degenerative disorder.
While weight bearing, this excessive condition is an abnormal roll to the inside of the foot causing the toes to point out.
When the foot rolls to the outside of the foot while weight bearing. Excessive supination causes the toes to point inwards.
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