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Daniel Green

Daniel Green believes in hard-to-find sizes and widths! Large sizes, wide widths and narrow widths abound in their assortment. At Mar-Lou we are proud to continue the tradition with the Daniel Green Dormie and Meg. The Dormie bedroom slipper is available from size 5 to 14 and in widths from AA to EE (Narrow to Extra Wide).

The Daniel Green Company has maintained being the roots of the American slipper business for over 100 years. As a young salesman, Daniel Green became impressed with an idea fashioned by factory workers and turned it into a successful footwear business. Many of the styles remain classic and traditional which continue to represent high quality and comfort that Daniel Green founded his company upon.

The Dormie, a scuff, and Meg, a loafer, are classic style house shoes and slippers that can also be worn outdoors occasionally. Like the generations of customers who have relied on Daniel Green, generations of Mar-Lou shoppers have confidence that Mar-Lou can deliver high quality and comfort in all their footwear categories. Wides, Narrows or Extra Wides…. makes no difference. Daniel Green is your slipper and house shoe source for all sizes and widths!


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